Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage require us to have a wide range of policies and procedures in place to ensure we safeguard the children in our care. We have included a summary of all our policies here for your information. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to receive copies of the full policy documents. We invite all parents and carers to review our policies during the registration process.


Administration of medicine: Only medicine prescribed by a medical professional will be administered in nursery and then only if it is essential to do so. An administration of medicine form must be completed. 

Admissions policy: We welcome children and families from ALL sections of the local community. We welcome children from the age of two.

Camera and mobile phone policy: We operate a no mobile phone policy in nursery. Only the designated nursery phone and camera can be used in nursery. 

Checking identity of visitors: All visitors must state the purpose of their visit, provide ID and sign the visitors book. They will be accompanied always by a member of staff.

Complaints procedure: We give prompt and serious attention to any concerns or complaints. We anticipate they will be resolved quickly by speaking to the manager. Our full complaints procedure is displayed in nursery.

Confidentiality: We ensure that all parents and carers can share their information in the confidence that it will only be used to enhance the welfare of the children.

Data Protection Policy: We comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regarding obtaining, storing and using personal data. Our aim is to ensure that all those using and working here do so with confidence that their personal data is being kept secure.

E-safety policy: We ensure our behaviour follows guidelines for the safe use of the internet, email and other online services always. 

Emergency evacuation procedures: Our evacuation procedure is approved by the Fire Safety Officer and is displayed next to the door.

Equality, inclusion and diversity procedures: Our nursery is committed to valuing diversity by providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children, families and staff.

Healthy eating food policy: It is our intention to provide a balanced, nutritious, diet for all our children and to help them understand the importance of a healthy diet.

Health and safety policy: The health and safety of our children, parents and staff is of paramount importance to us. We aim to minimise all health and safety hazards and risks to ensure children thrive in a healthy and safe environment.

Home visits policy: We offer each family a home visit to ease the transition between home and nursery.

Late collection of child policy: If a child is not collected by an authorised adult our nursery puts into practice agreed procedures that may ultimately result in our child protection procedures being put into place.

Missing child procedures: If a child goes missing and cannot be found after a thorough search, the parents and police will be contacted.

No smoking policy: No-one is to smoke either cigarettes or e-cigs on or around the premises, whether children are present or not.

Outdoor play policy: We believe all children have the right to enjoy high quality outdoor experiences that promote learning and provide challenge daily.

Outings procedure: We have agreed procedures for the safe conduct of outings including risk assessments, signed consent from parents and a high ratio of staff to children.

Premises, equipment and resources policy: We believe high quality childcare requires children to have access to safe, clean, attractive, developmentally appropriate toys, resources and equipment.

Prevent duty: We provide appropriate training for staff to help enable them to identify children and families who may be at risk of radicalisation.

Pricing policy: Fees must be paid for you to keep your child’s place at nursery. This policy is presented to ensure parents understand our charging structure.

Positive Behaviour Policy: We are committed to establishing a learning environment that promotes positive behaviour and relationships that are respectful.

Procedure for people other than parents collecting a child: When a person not authorised on the registration form is collecting a child, the parent must inform nursery and nursery will issue a password.

Race equality policy: We endeavour to ensure everyone in the setting is equally valued and respected. We will challenge any racist incident, harassment or bullying.

Safe recruitment policy: We follow procedures to ensure all people working with children are safe to do so.

Safeguarding policy: Safeguarding is given the highest priority in our settings. We work with children, parents and families to ensure the safety of children. Each setting has a dedicated Nominated Safeguarding Officer. For all matters relating to Child Protection we follow Lancashire’s Early Years Child Protection Policy and Procedures.

Settling in policy: We understand all children are different and some settle more quickly than others. We provide a flexible approach to settling children into nursery.

Sick child policy: Our policy is to exclude children who are ill or who have an infectious disease. 

Social media policy: Staff must not post anything on social media that breaches confidentiality, including photographs of children or the setting. No staff member must post anything which could harm the reputation of the nursery.

Special educational needs(SEN) / disability policy: We have regard for the SEN Code of Practice and we include all children in our setting.

Staff disciplinary procedures: Should the behaviour or performance of any staff member fall behind the exacting standards of our nursery disciplinary procedures will begin.

Staff grievance procedure: There may be times when a member of staff has issues and concerns about their working conditions or employment. We encourage staff to discuss their grievances so that they may be swiftly resolved.

Staff recruitment and training policy: We are committed to provide high staffing ratios, highly trained staff and non-discriminatory practices when recruiting.

Whistleblowing: If a member of staff finds evidence of malpractice or wrongdoing they can disclose this information without fear of reprisal. 


At Oak Tree Nursery School, we respect the privacy of the children attending and the privacy of their parents or carers, as well as the privacy of our staff. Our aim is to ensure that all those using and working here do so with confidence that their personal data is being kept secure.

Our lead person for data protection is the proprietor. The lead person ensures that the we meet the requirements of the GDPR, liaises with statutory bodies when necessary, and responds to any subject access requests.


We respect confidentiality in the following ways:

  • We will only ever share information with a parent about their own child.
  • Information given by parents to staff about their child will not be passed on to third parties without permission unless there is a safeguarding issue (as covered in our Safeguarding Policy).
  • Concerns or evidence relating to a child’s safety, will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the anyone, except with the Designated Safeguarding Lead and the manager.
  • Staff only discuss individual children for purposes of planning and setting management.
  • Staff are made aware of the importance of confidentiality during their induction process.
  • Issues relating to the employment of staff, whether paid or voluntary, will remain confidential to those making personnel decisions.
  • All personal data is stored securely in a file in a locked cupboard. Any information / photos on the computer and mobile phone are password protected and only cleared staff have access to the code. 
  • Students on work placements and volunteers are informed of our Data Protection policy and are required to respect it.

Information that we keep

Staff: The items of personal data that we keep about staff are documented in the staff file under “Personal Details”.  Data is only held in paper form. 

How we hold are data is reviewed annually to ensure that any new data types are included.

Children and parents: We hold only the information necessary to provide a childcare service for each child. This includes child registration information, medical information, parent contact information, attendance records, incident and accident records and so forth. Once a child leaves our care we retain only the data required by statutory legislation and industry best practice, and for the prescribed periods of time. Electronic data that is no longer required is deleted and paper records are disposed of securely or given to parents e.g. Learning Journeys and Transition Documents. 

Staff: We keep information about employees in order to meet HMRC requirements, and to comply with all other areas of employment legislation. We retain the information after a member of staff has left our employment for the recommended period of time, then it is deleted or destroyed as necessary.

Sharing information with third parties

We will only share child information with outside agencies on a need-to-know basis and with consent from parents, except in cases relating to safeguarding children, criminal activity, or if required by legally authorised bodies (e.g. Police, HMRC, etc). If we decide to share information without parental consent, we will record this in the child’s file, clearly stating our reasons. 

We will only share relevant information that is accurate and up to date. Our primary commitment is to the safety and well-being of the children in our care.  

Some limited personal information is required by Lancashire County Council for the Free Early Years Entitlement. LCC comply with the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR and parents are notified that this information is shared

Subject access requests

  • Parents/carers can ask to see the information and records relating to their child, and/or any information that we keep about themselves. 
  • Staff and volunteers can ask to see any information that we keep about them. 
  • We will make the requested information available as soon as practicable and will respond to the request within one month at the latest.
  • If our information is found to be incorrect or out of date, we will update it promptly.
  • If any individual about whom we hold data has a complaint about how we have kept their information secure, or how we have responded to a subject access request, they may complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).


We comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regarding obtaining, storing and using personal data.

This policy was adopted on 08.05.2018

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017): Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements: Information and records [3.68 -3.71].

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